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1989 Firebird Vin Decoding  

Vehicle Indentification Number: 1G2FS21FXKL100001

Commonly refer to as the "Vin Number", this series of numbers and letters is stamped on a plate

on the topof the instrument panel visible through the windshield.

First Digit: Indentifies the country in which the vehicle was built.
1 = U.S.A.

Second Digit: Identifies the Manufacturer.
G = General Motors

Third Digit: Identifies the automotive division.
2 = Pontiac

Fourth Digit: Identifies the car line.
F = Firebird

Fifth Digit: Identifies the series.
S = Firebird Base Model
W = Firebird Trans Am

Sixth Digit: Identifies the body type.
2 = 2 Door Coupe

Seventh Digit
Identifies the restraint system. 1 = Manual Belts.

Eighth Digit: Identifies the engine.
S = 173 CID, 2.8L, V-6, M.F.I (Chevy)
E = 305 CID, 5.0L, V8, TBI (Chevy)
8 = 305 CID, 5.7L, MFI (Chevy)
F = 305 CID, 5.0, V-8, MFI (Chevy)
7 = 231 CID, 3.8, V-6, SFI, Turbocharged

Ninth Digit: Identifies the check digit.

Tenth Digit: Identifies the model year.
F = 1989

Eleventh Digit: Identifies the assembly plant.
L = Van Nuys

Last Six Digits: Represent the basic production numbers, 100001/up

Service Parts Identification
Service Parts Label Identification Label is located on the console door. It includes the vehicle

identification number, a listing of option codes, paint type, paint cade, convertible top code and an

interior trim code.

(need picture of the body number plate)
Example: 1G2FS21FXKL100001

1		Country of Mfg.		USA
G 		Manufacturer		GM
2		Car Division		Pontiac
F		Car Line			Firebird
S		Series			Base
2		Body Types		2-Dr. Coupe
1		RestraintS ystem		Manual Belts
F		Engine			305CID, V8, Chevy
X		Check Digit
K 		Model Year		1989
L		Assembly Plant		Van Nuys, CA
100001		Body Number	

Option Codes

AQ9		Adjustable Custom bucket Seats
AU3		Power dOOR lOCKS
CD4		Controlled - Sysle Windshield Wipers

Paint Type & Coat
BC CC Base Coat/Clear Coat

Paint Code
L848 Lower Body Color Black U848 Upper Body Color Black

Trim Code
66B Interior Trim (Medium Dark Cloth)

Trim Number
The Trim Number indicates the interior trim color and material.

Color	 	Cloth		Vinyl		Leather		Code		
Black 					  	X		192#
Black 			 	  X				19B,19C, 19D#
Camel						X		662#
Camel		 	  	  X				66B,66C*,66D*#
Dark Gray		  X						82B, 82C*, 82D#
Dark Gray						X		822#
* Custom 
# Deluxe

The Paint Code
The Paint Code indicates the exterior paint color. A two part paint code indicates the bottom and

top colors. Vehicles using the letters L and U indicate which code represents the lower body and

the upper body colors respectively. Included on this label is a four digit number indicating the

exterior body color. This number has been noted along with the exterior GM code.

Color				WA Number		Code
Black 				848			19
Medium Maui Blue Metallic		9537			23
White				8554			40
Black				8555			41
Flame Red Metallic			9535			74
Bright Red				8774			81
Medium Rosewood Metallic		8990			82
Gunmetal Metallic			9243			87
Gunmetal Metallic			9536 			87
Bright Blue Metallic			9591			98

Paint Types:
The Paint Type Code indicates what type of paint was used on the car.

DIS Lacquer    		Dispersion Lacquer
SOL Lacquer    		Solution Lacquer
BC CC			Base Coat/Clear Coat


The 200R4 Automatic
Transmission Code is located on the right side of the transmission case and includes the shift

built, assembly plant, model year, application code and production serial number.
Example: 1T89TAF0123

1			Shift Built (1=First, 2=Second, 3=Third)
T			Assembly Plant (Three Rivers)
89 			Model Year
TAF			Application Code
0123			Production Serial Number

The 700R4 Automatic
Transmission code is located on the right rear oil pan rail and includes the year, model, Julian

build date and shift built.

8 Model Year (1988) YP 305 CID Application M Transmission Type (THM 700-R4) Y Build Location (Toledo) 267 Julian Date A* Shift Built (1st) *A&B - First shift C&H - Second shift D - Day N - Night Code CID FKM 350 FXM 350 YPM 305 YWM 305 YXM 173 YZM 305

The Build Date Code
Starts with the Julian date (day of the year) on which 1989 production started. The build date code

continues with the Julian date until December 31 (365). The sequence then continues until the

end of the 1985 production. EXAMPLE: January 20, 1985 would translate to a build date code of


In addition to the transmission production code number, all passenger cars have a portion of the

vehicle identification number stamped on the transmission. The condensed vehicle identification

number consists of the division identification number, model year, assembly plant designation

and vehicle build sequence number.

The Rear Axle Code
Is a two letter code stamped on the front passenger side of the axle tube or on an identification tag

attached to the carrier cover. It identifies that axle code ratio and if the axle is equipped with the

Safe-T-Track option.

Code		Ratio		Year		Locking
6HE		2.73		89
6HP		2.73		89
6HT		2.73		89
8ET		2.77		89
6HB		3.08		89
6HF		3.08		89
6HK		3.08		89
8EW		3.45		89
6HQ		3.23		89		Yes
6HL		3.42		89		Yes
BEU		3.27		89		Yes
BEW		3.45		89		Yes
9ER		3.45		89		Yes
9EQ		3.27		89		Yes
9ET		2.77		89		Yes

Regular Production Options (RPO) Description Code Notchback AA8 Seat Adjuster, 4 Way Manual Driver AH3 Rear Split Seat AM9 Restraint Provision, Child AN4 Adjustable Custom Seats - Lear Siegler AQ9 Seat Assy (Europen Style) AR9 Door Locks AU3 Glass, Soft Ray, All Windows AO1 Windows, Power A31 Trunk Lid Release A90 Ornamentation, Interior, Door Pocket BC8 Ornamentation, Interior, Black BV3 Luxury Trim Group B20 Mats, Carpeted Front Floor B34 Rear Floor Mats B35 Container, Cassette Tape Storage B67 Moldings, Vinyl Bodyside B84 Hatch Roof w/removable Glass Panels CC1 Controlled-cycle Windshield Wipers CD4 Electirc Rear Window Defrost C49 Custom Air Conditioning C60 Rear View Dual Reading Lamp DC4 Outside Remote Mirrors DD9 Electronic Day/Night Mirror DD8 Arm rest, Front Door DD14 Speedometer Driven Gear D3W Speedometer Driven Gear D3Y Mirror, Visor Vanity, RH D35 Rear Cargo Compartment Security D42 Speedometer Driven Gear D55 Speedometer Driven Gear D5T Speedometer Driven Gear D5V Speedometer Driven Gear D5W Color Over-ride D60 Speedometer Driven Gear D7H Speedometer Driven Gear D7J Speedometer Driven Gear D7L Spoiler, Deck Lid Rear D80 Spoiler Rear, Aero Wing D81 Paint, 2 Tone (Deluxe) D86 Vehicle Speed Sensor D9A Vehicle Speed Sensor D9B Vehicle Speed Sensor D9E Stripe Accent D98 Sport OSRV Mirrors DG7 Roof Console Subwoofer Controls DK6 Hood Applique DX1 Mirror, Visor Vanity, RH D34 Cargo Screen D42 Spoiler, Rear Deck D81 Ralley ll D83 Speedometer Adapter (Delete) E5Z Speedometer Key (Delete) E9Z Suspension System, Soft Ride FE1 Suspension System, Touring Ride & Handling FE2 Suspension Special Heavy Duty F41 Limited Slip Differential Axle G80 Axle, Rear 3.45 Ratio GM3 Axle, Rear 3.08 Ratio GU4 Axle, Rear 3.42 Ratio GU6 Axle, Rear 3.27 Ratio GW6 Axle, Rear Locking Type (Limited Slip) G80 Axle, Performance Ratio G92 Shaft, Prop (Aluminum) JG1 Brake System, Power, Disc/Drum (Aluminum) J42 Brake System, Vacuum Power J50 Brake System, Power, Front & Rear Disc J65 Cooler, Engine Oil KC4 Heater, Engine Block K05 Cruise Control w/Resume Feature K34 Generator, 100 AMP K60 Generator, 105 AMP K68 Generator, 85 AMP K99 Engine, 2.8L, V6 LB8 Engine, 5.0L, V-8, 4 BC LB9 Engine, 5.0L V8, TPI L03 Engine, 5.7L, V-8, L98 Transmission, 5-Speed Manual MB1 Transmission, 4-Speed Automatic MD8 Transmission, 5-Speed Manual MK6 Transmission, 5-Speed Manual MM5 Transmission, Automatic MX0 Emission System, Federal Requirements NA5 Emission System, California Requirements NB2 Emission System, California Override NN5 Steering Wheel, Leather wrapped NP5 Exhaust System, Dual N10 Formula 3 spoke Leather Steering Wheel NK3 Wheels, 15 x 7" Finned Turbo Cast - Alum N24 Steering Wheel - Tilt N33 Wheel, Sport Steering N36 Wheel & Tire Spare, Aluminum N64 Wheel & tire, Stowaway Spare N65 Wheels, Cast Aluminum N90 Wheels, Custom Wheel Covers N96 Wheel, 16 x 8 Styled (Aluminum) PEO Wheel, 16 x 8, Aluminum PW6 Wheels, Diamond-Spoke Aluminum PW7 Tires, P235/60VR15 Steel Belted Blackwalls QAC Tires, P245/50VR16 Steel Belted Blackwalls QDZ Tires, P215/65R15 Steel Belted Whte Ltrs QYH Tires, P215/65R15 Steel Belted Blackwalls QYZ Articulating Performance Seats TBD Lamp group TR9 Smoked Lenses, Tail Lights T93 Front Fog Lamps T96 Battery, Heavy Duty UA1 Theft Deterrent System UA6 Instrument Cluster UB3 Lamp, Interior, Console & Courtesy UF6 Electronic System, Accessory Control UK3 Delco Am/Fm Stero w/cassette & Clock UM6 Delco Am/Fm Stereo w/o Clock UK4 Delco Am/Fm Stereo w/seek-scan & clock UM7 6 Speaker Sub Woofer UQ7 Delco Touch Control UT4 Delco Am/Fm Stereo w/graphic Eq UX1 Rally and Instrument Panel Tach Gauges U21 Electronic Gauge Cluster U52 Power Antenna U75 Heavy Duty cooling V08 Front License Plate Mounting VK3 Trans Am Package WS4 Special Performance Package WS6 Aero Package #1 (white) WW1 Aero Package #2 (silver) WW2 Aero Package #3 (gunmetal metallic) WW3 Aero package #4 (black) WW4 Aero Package #6 (flame red metallic) WW6 Aero Package #8 (bright red) WW8 Paint, 2 tone (delete) WX1 Aero Package W62 Formula Package W66 Trans Am GTA option Y84 Rally Turned Suspension Y99 Canadian Base Equipment Z49 Wheel Color (White) 11P Molding Color (white) 11Q Wheel Color (Silver Metallic) 12P Secondary Exterior Color (Silver Metallic) 13L

Amos Press Inc. Catalog of FIREBIRD ID Numbers 1967-1993
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